The revolutionary new SL Series mixing consoles for the first time unite studio perfection with live performance in one single mixer. They are loaded with top-notch, no-compromise technology like studio-grade acoustically “Invisible” IMP Mic Preamps, ULN (Ultra Low-Noise) circuitry, dual 24-bit FX processors of VIRTUALIZER fame and the amazing new FBQ Feedback Detection System.
For the studio there are two high-end 24-bit FX processors, incredible connectivity, an integrated talkback section plus comprehensive solo-in-place and pre-fader-listen functions. For live performances, they feature an ultra-musical 9-band stereo graphic EQ with the amazing FBQ Feedback Detection System and even a mono subwoofer output with a sweepable low pass filter. Another nice touch for live gigs: all mic channels can be muted during breaks by pressing a single button, so music can be played via CD/tape inputs without the mics picking up any sounds.
The SL2442FX-PRO is the new compact SL Series mixing console with 24 channels (16 mono plus 4 stereo). It features 4 subgroups and 2 pre/post switchable and 2 post fader aux sends per channel, 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mids and low cut filters for the mono channels, full-fledged high-headroom stereo input channels with 4-band equalization plus additional stereo input channels with level and pre-fader aux facilities.
One for the Road SL consoles are built with a super-sturdy metal cabinet that will withstand even the most punishing tour conditions. They use our built-in, oversized state-of-the-art auto-range power supply that automatically adapts to mains voltages (from 100 to 240 Volts) wherever you go and is immune to fluctuating mains voltages and spikes that you’ll find at most live venues. Plus, due to its high efficiency, it consumes much less energy than a conventional power supply so it runs a lot cooler.

16 canali mono, 4 stereo, IMP, ULM, FBQ
4 sottogruppi più un’uscita mono addizionale 2 pre/post fader per canale
3 bande EQ e filtro passa-alto per i mono
2 processori effetti digitali stereo a 4 bit, 99 preset VIRTUALIZER
EQ stereo grafico a 9 bande